Wooden roof design for home

Home with wooden roof design

The roof is a vital part of building a house, according to function, the roof serves to protect or shade the house and its contents inside of the sun, pouring rain, snow, cold and wind, the roof design also makes the interior of the house to be durable and durable and able to maintain the humidity in the house, so that in time the heat is not too hot nor too cold in winter time, while we know that the interior of the house is mostly made of wood are susceptible to the fungus at a certain humidity level, and corrosion on the interior of the made of metal, so great benefits of the roof so that a variety of materials can be used as the same function, one of which is the design of a wooden roof.

Below is a wooden roof design

wooden roof design

wooden home roof ideas

The reason people choose wooden roof design could be due to health factors, most of the homes currently use asbestos, asbestos use is practical because the installation does not require a long time and is easy to be replaced, but in terms of health turns out asbestos containing elements that endanger the health, material apart will be inhaled through the nose and interfere with breathing, in contrast with a wooden roof, in addition to light, but also natural, though the installation process takes time, with routine maintenance roof coating paint timber can have a long durability as well.

wooden roof design

simple wooden home roof

The use of wood roofs is also suitable for small buildings.

wooden roof design

hard wood for home roof

wooden roof design

full wooden home roof

Timber roof design is very flexible because it can be cut to desired size, like a flat or curved, but need to be aware that wood roofs also have drawbacks such as termites and fire attacks.

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