Best Stone Pavers Stairs Design Decorate The Exterior of Your House

How to build stone pavers stairs

Many will like to join the two by constructing some stone pavers stairs. Stairs made from pavers are also beneficial in areas of your yard when the path would otherwise become quite stairs. So, how do you build stairs out of pavers.

paver stones steps design

beautiful paver stones steps photos

Use spray paint to outline the path that your steps will follow, then drive stakes into the ground at the top and bottom of this line. Tie a piece of string to the top stake and run it all the way to the bottom one, attaching a line level as you do. Adjust the string until it is level (the bubble on the line level should be in the center).

paver stones steps design

attractive paver stones steps design

Measure the total distance that the pavers will run from the bottom stake to the bottom stake; this is known as the ‘run’ of the stone pavers stairs.

paver stones steps design

paver stones steps ideas photos

Measure the vertical distance from the string to the ground on the bottom stake (which you leveled off earlier). You can then calculate how many steps you will need by dividing the total rise of the slope (in inches) by 8 (for a steep slope) or by 6 (for a more gentle one). For examle for a 24 inch rise, you will need 3 or 4 stairs.

paver stones steps design

full paver stones for stairs design

Use spray paint to outline the width of each stone pavers stairs on the ground. You will need to estimate the width of each paver you’ll use at the top of the steps, but flat pavers that are at least 12 inches wide tend to work best.

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